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About character


Sindmóveis, Furniture Industry Association of Bento Gonçalves, encompasses a much broader concept than that expressed by the meaning of the word "ssociation. Furthermore, its commitment to the furniture industry is even more ambitious.

Sindmóveis plays an active role in the development of the furniture industry, both in terms of figures and quality. When it comes to quality, the association is concerned with the manufacture of physical or industrial parts and the suitability of the products to the contemporary world and to international trends. Sindmóveis knows that this is the only way the industry in Bento Gonçalves can keep up and increase its leadership and competitiveness in all markets.

Knowledge, innovation and integration generating business are the pillars that support Sindmóveis. An example of this reality is the organization of the leading furniture trade fair in Latin America - Movelsul Brasil - held in March in even years, in addition to the curatorship of High Design Home & Office Expo – established based on Casa Brasil and held annually in São Paulo. The association also organizes the Salão Design Award for professionals, students and manufacturing companies, Orchestra Brasil, a project that encourages the exports of the companies that supply the woodworking industry and the Raiz Project, an initiative to develop actions to meet the commercial needs of the Brazilian design in the international market.

Board of Directors

President Vinicius Benini Pozza S/A
Vice-President Cassiano De Paris Perlare
Sales Director Cassiano De Paris Perlare
Operations Director Marlei Pena Vian Todescredi - Grupo Todeschini
Director of Labor Law Alexandre Michelin Bertolini
Director of Services Letícia Farina Villa Giardino Italínea
Director of Infrastructure Luís Henrique Bortolini Atual Estofados
Director of Salão Design Award Eduardo Nuncio Móveis Carraro
Vice-Director of Salão Design Award José Ferro Unicasa
Communications Director Priscila Milesi Basso Dalmóbile
International Director Cleberton Ferri Móveis Carraro

Supervisory Board

Edson Pelicioli Ideias & Conceitos
Henrique Tecchio Bentec
Sérgio Dalla Costa Motiva Móveis
Volnei Benini BRV Móveis
Rogério Francio Móveis Carraro
Cláudio Ramos BRV Móveis
Marcelo Haefliger PLAN35