Sector-based representation

Sindmóveis represents and furthers individual or collective interests in the economic category of the furniture companies located in Bento Gonçalves, with mandatory participation in collective labor negotiations to enter into agreements.

International Committee

The International Committee was established to meet the need to foster reflection on the international scenario and the positioning of furniture companies located in Bento Gonçalves through discussions about the international competition, global scenarios and bottlenecks in the sector. Currently the International Committee is comprised of the companies that have the largest representation in the total export value in the sector, sharing their expertise and benefiting all the members companies of Sindmóveis. Having been operating since 2013, it has held Buyer’s Project in addition to sending fortnightly newsletters, and relevant information on the market and target countries.

Research on staffing, compensation plan and benefits

Members have access to a complete data bank that maps the average wage prevailing in the entire production chain. These data are obtained from the regular consultation of various positions held in the furniture industry.

Legal Advice

Sindmóveis provides free legal advice to its members, involving the existing legislation on tax and labor areas.

Lectures and training courses

Sindmóveis offers lectures and training courses that meet the interest of the furniture sector, assisting in the development and providing its members with updates on new information and technologies.

Programs and projects

Sindmóveis participates in various programs and projects aimed at the furniture sector. These initiatives have enabled the organization of several courses on professional development, quality management and standardization. Sindmóveis also develops and submits projects on a national level, in order to raise awareness and gain institutional support among the constituted authorities.

Sector data

The performance of the sector is assessed monthly by Sindmóveis. Based on official data from SEFAZ, MDIC, MTE and IBGE, it is possible to monitor the numbers of sales, imports and exports in addition to the evolution of many other indicators of the manufacturing companies and retailers in Bento Gonçalves, in Rio Grande do Sul and in Brazil.

Discount on Exhibit Spaces

After being a member for one year, a company is entitled to a 10% discount on exhibit spaces at Movelsul Brasil.
This discount is only offered to companies based on the area encompassed by Sindmóveis (Bento Gonçalves, Monte Belo do Sul, Santa Tereza and Pinto Bandeira).