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Sindmóveis is preparing expressive participation in Fimma Brasil 2019

All initiatives undertaken by Sindmóveis Bento Gonçalves aim to strengthen its commitment to the woodworking industry in all its links. Promoting the full development of the furniture sector, Sindmóveis is preparing expressive participation in Fimma Brasil 2019 (International Fair for Machines, Raw Materials and Accessories for the Furniture Industry), which will be held from March 26 to 29, 2019. Besides having an institutional booth at the fair, the association will officially launch Movelsul Brasil 2020 marketing campaign, and will be involved in the Buyer’s and Mobstone projects.

The Fimma Brasil Buyer’s Project, held for the 10th time next year, is an initiative carried out within the scope of Orchestra Brasil, a project to promote exports organized by Sindmóveis Bento Gonçalves with the support of Apex-Brasil. Together Movergs, Sindmóveis and Apex-Brasil have joined efforts to boost the internationalization of the woodworking industry, taking into consideration the exports of inputs, machinery, raw materials, technologies and accessories. For the 2019 business meetings, 50 importers from the following target markets were invited: South Africa, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, United States, India, Mexico, Peru and the Dominican Republic.

The president of Sindmóveis, Edson Pelicioli, points out that the association has increasingly worked with Movergs to fully strengthen the furniture industry, including the suppliers of inputs and technologies, the industry itself, and the service provided by Brazilian designers. According to Pelicioli the furniture manufacturing industry will only have a sustainable growth environment if all the members of the chain have a qualified performance. "Fimma Brasil has strategic importance for the furniture industry, bringing the technology and innovation that we will see in products the following year at Movelsul Brasil," he adds.


Mobstone Fimma

Another action developed by Fimma Brasil with the participation of Sindmóveis is the Mobstone Fimma, a project that brings together furniture companies, marble producers and designers that take part in the Raiz Project, another initiative of Sindmóveis in partnership with Apex-Brasil aimed to export the service provided by Brazilian designers. Mobstone Fimma will develop exclusive design products using stones to be exhibited during the fair.


The aim of the Mobstone Project and the exhibition of the new industry at FIMMA Brasil 2019 is to show the potential of the products made by the production chains involved, besides adding value to products. The project was conceived by FIMMA Brasil 2019 and the Furniture Industry Association of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (Movergs), with the support of Sindmóveis/Raiz Project, the Senai Institute of Wood and Furniture Technology, and Pro Marmo, its official sponsor.


FIMMA Brasil 2019
When: March 26 – 29, 2019
Where: Parque de Eventos in Bento Gonçalves (RS)
Opening hours: 1 pm – 8 pm
Admission: free by registering
More information: www.fimma.com.br

For more information about Movelsul Brasil 2020: