2019/03/27 Movelsul Brasil launches its marketing campaign linked to the attributes of Serra Gaucha
2019/05/13 The Raiz Project brings together the largest group of Brazilian designers to attend a fair in New York

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Sindmóveis takes Brazilian design to Milan

Customized strategic actions to strengthen and promote the commercial relationship between Brazilian designers and the foreign market. This is the thread running through the Raiz Project, an initiative that supports 24 Brazilian studios during the Milan Design Week, which takes from April 9-14 in several Milan’s neighborhoods. The program includes actions developed with BeBrasil, such as the exhibition of selected products with Apex-Brasil's curatorship, and independent events and exhibitions. This is considered the main design week in the world.

The initiatives of the Raiz Project increase the perceived value of Brazilian furniture, in addition to promoting the commercial relationship between the designers and the foreign market. Participants in the BeBrasil actions and the independent events include designers and studios: Adolini + Simonini, Alessandra Delgado, Cristiana Bertolucci, estudiobola, Fahrer, Giácomo Tomazzi, Gustavo Martini, Gisela Simas, Guto Indio da Costa, Jader Almeida, Ilse Lang, Katia Moraes, Konsepta, Larissa Batista, Leandro Garcia, Leonardo Vanetti, Lovato Móveis, Marta Manente, Noemi Saga, Paulo Alves, Plataforma4, Renata Rubim, Roberta Rampazzo, Rodrigo Karam, Ronald Sasson, Sérgio Matos and Suzanne Reboh and Wagner Archella.          

The Raiz Project is organized by the Furniture Industry Association of Bento Gonçalves (Sindmóveis) in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil). Currently, 55 design studios from all over the country take part in the initiative, which has 340 designer products abroad and more than 30 licensing and intellectual property rights.

The project schedule includes several international exhibitions. In the next two years, the following events are planned to be attended: Milan Design Week (April/2019 and 2020); ICFF New York (May/2019 and 2020); São Paulo Design Week (August/2019 and 2020); Prospecting during the London Design Week (September/2019) and Movelsul Brasil (March/2020). The traditional itinerant shows in Brazilian embassies will take place in Barcelona (June/2019) and Berlin (September/2019).


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