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The Salão Design announces the first judging panel for this year’s competition

The deadline for design students and professionals to enter their projects into the 23rd Salão Design Award, promoted by Sindmóveis Bento Gonçalves for 31 years, is September 5. This year the evaluation model of the submitted projects will be different. The panel will consist of 10 judges divided into two groups: the first five will make the technical-functional evaluation of the entries.

The five jurors are: the technical director of Centro Brasil Design, Ana Brum;  teacher and author Maria Cecilia Loschiavo dos Santos; the Head Designer of Grupo K1, Mateus Conceição; the technical and technological Services analyst of SENAI Institute of Wood and Furniture Technology, Ricardo Dal Piva; and the president of the Brazilian Association of Interior Designers, Silvana Carminati Heckman.

The evaluation of competitors will be in September while the announcement of the products selected for the second phase will be on October 10. During the second qualifying phase, five other judges will make the aesthetic-creative evaluation of the finalist products and the announcement of the winners will be in February next year. The names that make up the second judging panel will be released until the end of the registration period, that is, September 5.

The awards will consist of R$ 6,000 for students and R$ 10,000 for professionals. The director of the Salão Design Award, Eduardo Nuncio, emphasizes the relevance of this project set up by the furniture industry itself 31 years ago. “In 1988, Sindmóveis Bento Gonçalves saw design as a sector-based strategy for adding value. Since then, the award has played a crucial role in promoting talents and bringing them closer to the manufacturing industry. Over it three decades of history, almost 15,000 projects have been evaluated,” he points out.


 New categories

Another change in the regulations concerns the typology of products that can compete for the Salão Design Award. In this edition, there will be no categories for accessories and lighting, that is, only furniture projects can be entered. There will be five categories, now called challenges: Spaces in transformation challenge; 2020 Brazilian identity challenge; Panel use challenge; Embedded technology challenge and Positivist experience challenge.

Sponsored by Berneck and Interprint do Brasil, the Salão Design Award 2020 will hold its award ceremony and a show of the winners during the Movelsul Brasil fair, in March 2020, in Bento Gonçalves (RS). Afterwards, the winners will take part in an exhibition at High Design Home & Office Expo 20200.

More about the jurors: 

Ana Brum:

Technical Director at Centro Brasil Design and general coordinator of the DesignBrasil.org.br portal. Graduated in Industrial Design, with specialization in Product Engineering and Design and Methodology in higher education, Master in Development and Organizations. She has experience in industrial design, focusing on product development, working chiefly on the following subjects: project, product, design management, public policy and sustainable design. 

Maria Cecilia Loschiavo dos Santos:

Full professor of Design at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo. She has published several books, including Móvel moderno no Brasil, pioneering work on Brazilian furniture design in the twentieth century. 

Mateus Conceição:

Designer with 20 years of experience in the furniture industry, having worked the last 11 years as the Head Designer of Grupo K1. The group is one of the largest furniture companies in Latin America, with 10 product lines, including furniture, mattresses, upholstery and home appliances. He is also the owner and director of Agencia K2, a creative center with 25 multidisciplinary professionals in the fields of architecture, design and marketing, where they develop large projects on multiple platforms, including residential, commercial, ephemeral, products, communication and marketing. 

Ricardo Dal Piva:

Technical and Technological Services Analyst at SENAI Institute of Wood and Furniture Technology, providing technical and technological consultancy services in the wood and furniture fields. He worked for 15 years in the furniture industry with process improvements, implementation of lean manufacturing tools and implementation and advice of quality management systems for product certification. An expert  in the Inventive Problem Solving Theory - TRIZ, a Russian methodology used to develop creative and innovative solutions for manufacturing companies. 

Silvana Carminati Heckman:

Silvana Carminati Heckman holds a BA in Interior Design from Belas Artes São Paulo and specializes in People Leadership and Business Management, focusing on results. She has 20 years of experience as an executive in business management at leading Brazilian design firms. She is the president of ABD - Brazilian Association of Interior Designers.


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