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Movelsul Brasil with an eye on the trade agreement between Mercosul and the European Union

The trade agreement between Mercosur and the European Union fave built up the expectations for strengthening the exports of the furniture industry based in Bento Gonçalves. Unlike Rio Grande do Sul and Brazil as a whole, where furniture exports have been falling down, in Bento Gonçalves the performance of the industry has been growing for at least 30 months. Within this scenario, the UK has been gaining positions among the largest buyers of the local furniture, having risen its ranking from 14th in 2018 to 7th in terms of current export destination.

The furniture industry of Bento Gonçalves - including the municipalities of Bento Gonçalves, Monte Belo do Sul, Pinto Bandeira and Santa Tereza - exported US$ 1.36 million to the United Kingdom in 2018, an increase of 48% over the previous year. Especially after the announcement made last Friday, the perception of a competitive scenario is more positive as a result of the agreement. In addition to the United Kingdom, France has also imported some furniture, but nothing that is considered expressive. Currently, the largest buyers of furniture from the local producing area are still the US and Latin American countries.

For the international director of Sindmóveis, Leonardo Dartora, it is too early to set any quantitative goal, but the perception of more equitable conditions of competitiveness can generate good results for the furniture industry exports, although taxes are not a competitive challenge today. Initially, furniture companies are expected to make a greater commercial effort aimed at European countries. Movelsul Brasil will do its part in fostering business with the bloc and among the 100 foreign buyers who will be invited to the fair with expenses paid there will be a great number of European distributors and shopkeepers.

Eight months to go before the opening of the fair, the international department of Sindmóveis is in the process of selecting importers for the Buyer’s Project. "Companies located in the European Union will tend to have a higher opinion of Mercosul, commercially speaking. When it comes to the furniture industry, Brazil certainly has a lot of advantage over neighboring countries," Dartora points out.


About Movelsul

Movelsul Brasil 2020 will be held from March 16 - 19, featuring five pavilions that total a 30,458 m² area. At least 200 exhibitors are expected to display decoration items, customized projects and corporate furniture. In addition to qualified Brazilian retailers, Movelsul Brasil has a strong international position in markets of interest to the Brazilian furniture industry.

Promoted by Sindmóveis Bento Gonçalves, Movelsul Brasil is the largest business platform in Latin America for the furniture industry, offering a sales environment and image enhancement to the furniture industry. Along its history, Movelsul Brasil has already had more than 1,700 exhibiting companies. The first edition of the fair took place in 1977, the year when the furniture industry was consolidated as a leading economic activity in Bento Gonçalves.