2018/11/19 Vinicius Benini will be the new president of Sindmóveis Bento Gonçalves
2018/12/04 Sindmóveis is preparing expressive participation in Fimma Brasil 2019

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Polish entrepreneurs eyeing Brazilian design

Customized strategic initiatives to intensify and promote the trade relations between Brazilian designers and the foreign market. This is the guiding force behind the Raiz Project, a partnership between the Furniture Industry Association of Bento Gonçalves (Sindmóveis) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil). Currently, 46 design studios from all over the country participate in the initiative, which foresees an investment of US$ 2 million in the next two years.         

In order to foster relations with the European market, especially with regard to the licensing of projects and products, the Raiz Project will receive Polish companies from November 27 to 29. The group of buyers will visit three important Brazilian design centers: Bento Gonçalves, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. According to Ana Cristina Schneider, consultant to the project, Poland is a channel for accessing other markets in Europe, such as the United Kingdom, one of the targets of Brazilian design.


The numbers of the Project

Established in 2012 built on the solid foundation of Sindmóveis Bento Gonçalves, an association that has represented the national furniture industry for 40 years, with the support of Apex-Brasil, the Raiz Project currently comprises 46 design studios, including Jader Almeida, Paulo Alves, Aristeu Pires and Guto Indio da Costa.

The Project's activities follow the schedule of international design fairs, in particular the participation in ICFF - New York, considered the largest platform for the high-end furniture industry in the United States. For the next two years, the board of directors plans to attend the following events: Milan Design Week (April/2019 and 2020); ICFF New York (May/2019 and 2020); São Paulo Design Week (August/2019), London Design Week (September/2019) and Movelsul Brasil (March/2020). The traditional road shows at Brazilian embassies are expected to exhibit in  Barcelona (June/2019), Berlin (September/2019) and Tokyo (June/2020).